CO2 Fractional (Fraxel) Laser Treatment

CO2 Fractional (Fraxel) Laser Treatment in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Pakistan

CO2 fractional laser is an especially designed carbon dioxide laser to treat skin imperfections, fine lines; sun damaged skin, open pores, scar marks after the surgery or after chicken pox. Also, fractional CO2 laser is an ideal laser for scars after acne or burn and stretch marks responds reasonably well. Basically fractional laser works by delivering thousands of very tiny laser areas (about 1/6th of one mm) into deeper layers of skin thus creating controlled healing environment leaving normal skin in between these treated areas. The skin then repairs those tiny thermal laser areas by its natural healing process and promoting collagen synthesis.

The beauty of this latest laser is that it works on a very unique technology called as controlled chaos technology (CCT), which treats the skin in a manner that the chances of getting skin burn after the laser becomes extremely low – making it one of the safest fractional CO2 lasers in the world today.  It also makes the laser safe and effective in almost all skin types, from white to Asian and even darker skin types.

Patient undergoing Fraxel or Fractional CO2 laser may experience varying heat or pricking sensation which can be minimized with the help of anesthetic numbing cream. After laser, patient may experience more sensitivity momentarily and appearance of sunburn which will fade away in few days. You will start noticing results in 2-3 weeks in terms of better texture, tightened and rejuvenated fresh looking skin. One may need multiple sessions depending upon the extent of scarring, fine lines and damaged skin. Session may be repeated done at the interval of 4-6 weeks. Our doctors will also guide you about the proper skin regimen after the laser.

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